Honey Bunny

Henry St. Winter fog beefed up with the breath of an army of street traders singing about wrapping paper in the same Dublin alto. That’s where we met and though it was a winters day, from the minute you set eyes on me, you had a spring in your step.

I can see how we hit it off so well, you’re not demanding. Willing to take matters into your own hands. You are Miss. Independent. And I am steady and consistent. I get results. We’re the perfect match. You and me, me and you.

I’m not sure if we could call it love at first sight but there was certainly an attraction. You knew what you were looking for. Discretion was top of your list. And so fate played its part and when you laid eyes on me, you knew you couldn’t go home without me, so there I found myself beside you on the Luas to Tallaght.

I never looked back if I’m honest, and I don’t think you did either. I came with benefits. I’m low maintenance. Sure aren’t I discretion with a capital ‘D’? You were looking for your Quiet Oneand you found me.