April Friendsy

What better way to herald in the freshness of Spring than to celebrate your friendships? As the daylight expands towards dusk and the place is full of new blooms and buds, we all have a spring in our step. Although I currently feel like a whopper conglomeration of the seven million easter eggs I’ve eaten (right up to just this morning, when I decided that I’m off chocolate for the foreseeable), I am loving the vigour that the new season has brought with it.

I find myself orchestrating my month to the tune of catching up with friends and attending writing events. It’s fantastic fun. Friday last took me to the beautiful Farmleigh House, where after a ridiculous length of time encircling the backroads of Chapelizod and Castleknock, and an argument with a non-compliant Google Maps, I wound up at the One City One Book event where a fab panel including the wonderful Sinéad Gleeson, Rob Doyle and Eimear Ryan, discussed all things anthology. Tonight I’m off into Poetry Ireland for Dermot Ferriter’s discussion with poet Pat Boran and tomorrow I’ll catch Nuala O’Connor in conversation with Lia Mills in the local library here in Tallaght. And that’s just this week’s events… up until Wednesday.

I had the most amazing day yesterday catching up with a great friend and her gorgeous baby, followed by a fabulous evening of dinner and banter with a life-long friend who visited from Cavan and had me in tears laughing for the night. Catching up with two amazing people in one day just reinforced how blessed I am with the friends I have. And the same will be true of the weeks to come, with more catch ups and coffees planned with various friends that I haven’t made time to see in ages.

How have I had time to write and read with all this whirlwind of a social life taking hold? Simple – get up earlier, focus harder, get stuff done in the windows I have. There is no other way and deferrals are not an option. If I’m being honest, the writing events have me thinking even more about bits and pieces that I’m working on. Sharing time with friends (as opposed to ‘spending it’, which implies that once you’ve splashed out your hour or so, it’s gone, spent, exhausted) has me in far better, calmer, more contented form. It’s massively energising.

There must be something in the air, because it’s not just me who seems to be offering the hand and calendar of friendship. There have been a few characters from the past who have made an effort to say hello of late, some suggesting meet-ups and the like. I guess the vibes of brighter days and new possibilities are affecting everyone, although I’m happy to decline those more arbitrary and unfathomable resurrections. Love and light and positive people with good intentions are all I have time for. Life is short, share it with the best of people who bring out the best in you and for whom you’d walk on hot coals…with or without a spring in your step.