Saturday Night Quickie

A Saturday night quickie before I hit the hay. I just spent the first Saturday evening of my 90 Day Challenge down in the pub with the brother. I enjoyed a few sparkling waters while he threw back a few Coors and not for one second did I miss having a drink in hand. There was a handful of hot nuts to nibble and hotter still, there was Anthony Joshua.

Yep, that was pretty much all that was needed. My reason for heading out to the pub, which I haven’t done on a Saturday night in a year, was to catch the boxing. We caught the Ryan Burnett fight and were happy that the Irish man got another well deserved victory, then watched Povetkin floor Price in what was to be the most action we were going to see for the rest of the evening.  It was a cruel bloody punch by the Russian, his opponent was clearly out on his feet, but sport can be cruel at times.

AJ and Parker played out to be a hard slog of tactics and attrition, with Joshua coming out the unanimous winner and adding another belt to his three. Hats off to Parker though, he took some amount of hard shots and still kept in it. From the minute Joshua appeared he looked calmer than any fighters I’ve seen before a fight,  graceful and smiling to fans as he made his way to the ring. Before my fights (Tae Kwon Do), I always used to be sick with nerves. Throughout the bout, he was in control and never looked too threatened. He’s a joy to watch. His physique, his manner, his attitude, his ability – he has a remarkable mix of talent and goodness. I’d watch him all night.

In fact, I’m about to lie down and I’ll probably dream of him all night, and what better icon to dream of. Although, I think he’ll have to fit in with my dreams of my two teams in blue winning league titles in Croker tomorrow. So that’s how my first drink free Saturday will end up, Dublin and Cavan and AJ.