90 Day Challenge

There are two occasions during which I think with crystal clarity –  when I’m out for a walk or when I’m in the bath. On account of living back with my mother at the moment so as to fund my habit (writing that is), I no longer have the opportunity to soak in a bath. She got a swanky shower installed a couple of years ago and did away with the dear old bath.

However, on Sunday morning, I found myself lounging in a tub. I’d been sent a late minute special offer to stay in a hotel nearby and sure who is going to turn their nose up at a night in a nice hotel for €26.95. Yep, that’s all for a giant bed to yourself and endless hours of bath time! And believe me, the first thing I packed was a two litres of bubble bath. Correct, TWO litres – I really love my baths.

So on Sunday morning, there I was with coffee on the side of he bath, book in hand and skin nicely wrinkling when I had a brainwave – ‘have a super healthy next few months’. Ok, that’s the polite way of saying ‘give up drink, cut out junk food and get fit again’. (While there’s nothing as pampering as a huge hotel bath full of bubbles, there’s nothing quite as honest as a huge hotel mirror acknowledging your every unwanted curve). And so by the time I dripped out of the bath, I had resolved that the 90 Day Challenge was starting immediately.

With a new sense of verve, I planned the week ahead, popped into the shop on the way home to pick up fresh fruits and some posh water. Having a few chilled bottles of San Pellegrino in the fridge or posher still, Fever Tree tonic, to pour over fresh lime in a fancy wine glass is my cheat way of ‘having a drink’ for the next few months.

Sunday evening, my mother came home with some beer and wine for us to have watching the Dancing with the Stars final. ( I live the life of Reilly don’t I?!) I happily declined the Coors Light and instead had a nice salad with a glass of my posh water. It was so refreshing, I even ventured for the second glass. (Moderation is not a strength of mine.) Last night after a day of writing and admin, I settled into bed with a good book, some scented candles lighting and another sexy glass of aqua frizzante con lime. Beautiful.

It’s day 4 and perhaps some of this could be in my mind, but I’m feeling full of beans. Since Sunday I’ve done a massive Spring clean with truck loads gone to the charity shop and have a plan to tackle a heap more over the next week. I’ve finished reading three books and have finished writing two poems. And more importantly, I’ve asked the beta readers that I’d love to read the first draft of my novel if they can oblige, and they’ve agreed. Another interesting ‘side-effect’ is that I’ve made plans for six separate catch ups with friends (which is probably more than the sum total of socialising with friends that I’ve done in the past year).

So, is this challenge going well so far? If the next 86 days can bring results as good as the first 4, then I’m buying a bath for my bedroom. pexels-photo-105934.jpeg